Katmai Conservancy supports important aerial brown bear abundance research, non-invasive coastal wolf and bear DNA genotyping studies, a volcano mercury emissions study, a bear conservation and tourism study, and more.

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Bear Abundance Research

The Park continues to compile a long-term dataset using aerial surveys to count bears congregating on various salmon spawning streams. The surveys now span five decades and serve as an index of timing and abundance of bears and salmon.

Coastal Wolf and Bear Genetic Research

Katmai’s coastal ecosystems are experiencing increasing visitation, changing ocean conditions, and expanding commercial and industrial development that may impact species reliant on the nearshore environment. This study uses noninvasive DNA metabarcoding to track the movements, diets, and population density of wolves and bears on the Park’s coastline.

Volcano Mercury Emission Study

This study aims to define the relationship between volcanoes and mercury levels found in the waterways of the Katmai ecosystem.

Bear Conservation and Tourism Study

This study contributes to our understanding of web-based resources within ecotourism. Webcam viewers were asked about their ability to identify individual bears at Katmai National Park and Preserve, and identification ability was linked to improved conservation outcomes.

Ethnobotany Education Kits

We support Katmai’s ethnobotanical studies and the creation of education and outreach kits for local communities, helping to preserve indigenous knowledge of local plants and their uses.