We'd like to take a moment to thank the artists who help us raise awareness and support for Katmai National Park and Preserve through their incredible talents. Thank you!

Valisa Higman

Valisa Higman is an artist from Seldovia, Alaska, whose work is heavily influenced by her love of nature, people, food and community. Valisa began working subtractively at a young age. Her cut-paper artwork all starts as a sheet of black paper. Carving away at the background using an exacto knife, her images are revealed in an intricate lacework of lines. Using the black as her foreground, she fills the negative space by piecing together layers of paper in vibrant colors and textures. As a finishing touch, she adds the last details and shading with watercolor.

Liane Tancock

Based in Bristol, United Kingdom, Liane is an avid Katmai bear cam watcher and huge Fat Bear fan. We contacted Liane about a collaboration for our new Katmai Cubs® line of kids gear after seeing her incredible illustrations online. Liane's site states "I am an artist that is inspired by the natural world and creates a world of characters and adventures. I produce originals, Giclee prints and cards." We at Katmai Conservancy look forward to working with Liane on a number of projects in the future.

Anastasia Ward

Anastasia Ward is a freelance illustrator with ten plus years of experience illustrating and designing children's books. A review on her site from a recent client states it best: "Anastasia’s art speaks for itself. It is truly a visual feast! Finding an illustrator who is equally talented in creating animals, humans, characters, landscapes and animations is undoubtedly hard to find. Anastasia possesses the ability to produce all of the above and more in exquisite form. She is extremely professional and a pleasure to work with."

Sara Wolman

Sara Wolman is an Alaskan graphic artist who has worked with Katmai Conservancy for years. "I have also designed for (a project of The Annenburg Foundation),“ 2021 World Migratory Bird Day” for the Environment for the Americas, and for the National Parks Conservation Foundation (NPCA)."

Ray Troll

In his studio on a hill above Tongass Narrows in rainy Ketchikan, Alaska, Ray Troll creates fishy images that swim into museums, books and magazines, and onto t-shirts worn around the world. He draws his inspiration from extensive field work and the latest scientific discoveries, bringing a street-smart sensibility to the worlds of ichthyology and paleontology.

Noah Baker

Noah was raised by creative parents which exposed him to the fine art world of the southwest. He travelled to Colorado to further his education and encountered other fellow creatives with similar interests. This began a life long journey of painting, design, and large scale murals. He has been working as an artist for many years doing graffiti, graphic design, illustration, street art and sign painting.

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