We provide funding for Katmai National Park interpretive, media, and bear management staff, training, and equipment. We also support a seasonal cultural resource intern, the Katmai Village culture camp, the creation of ethnobotany education kits, and more.

Katmai National Park Staff Funding

Interpretive Staff

We provide funding for Park staff who provide interpretation and educate visitors on the behaviors necessary to maintain the safety of Katmai’s bears and humans alike.

Bear Management Staff

We support the Park staff necessary to ensure the compliance of bear viewing rules and regulations due to the proximity of these amazing animals.

Media Staff

We fund Katmai’s media staff and the equipment necessary to support the valuable bear cams, live updates and talks, and “Fat Bear Week”.

Cultural Resource Intern

This 16-week cultural resource intern will assist with projects such as the Katmai Village Culture Camp and be introduced to a career in the National Park Service.

Youth Education

Katmai Village Culture Camp

We work with the Park and our community partners in order to help connect local students to the cultural history of the Katmai area and the Park itself.

Ethnobotany Education Kits

We support Katmai’s ethnobotanical studies and the creation of education and outreach kits for local communities, helping to preserve indigenous knowledge of local plants and their uses.