We conduct public outreach to raise awareness and promote the conservation of Katmai National Park and Preserve, its unique ecosystems, and cultural heritage, through education, events, and community involvement.

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Katmai Village Culture Camp

We work with the Park and our community partners in order to help connect local students to the cultural history of the Katmai area and the Park itself.

Ethnobotany Education Kits

We support Katmai’s ethnobotanical studies and the creation of education and outreach kits for local communities, helping to preserve indigenous knowledge of local plants and their uses.

Fat Bear Week

Fat Bear Week is an annual, single-elimination tournament focused on bear education. Starting in early October, the public votes online at fatbearweek.org for the bear they think best exemplifies fatness in Brooks Falls brown bears.

Discover Katmai Coloring Activity Book

We worked with AhavaRiver.com to develop a coloring activity book based on Katmai National Park, and currently partner with their outreach program Discovery Art for Youth to donate a portion of them to Alaskan children.